Hello Planet (and a request for help)

Hello PlanetKDE (and thanks to Jonathan Riddell for adding me).

Firstly, a quick about me bit. Well quickish, I do meander a bit sometimes.

I first encountered KDE in 2004. Wow, that seems a long time ago now, but I know that still makes me a relative newb compared to some of you. I didn’t know it was KDE, only that is was a world away from CDE, that I’d encountered while studying Physics at a university near Birmingham in England and that I liked it better than whatever was on Red Hat.

Places I’ve lived (from Marble). Wales was wet 🙂

For reasons that now escape me, I made like Einstein and became a patent examiner at the Patent Office*, but after three years and no inspired breakthrough in physics I left and now I’m working here in Southampton on the south coast of the UK on a project with these guys from Sweden. I spend most of my working life looking at or thinking about mud.

I finally got around to contributing something (other than a bug report) to the community I’d been freeloading off for four years at the end of 2008, making some comments on KDE-promo and writing a couple of articles for the Dot. Then it went quiet for a bit before I popped up again a few months ago and started getting a bit more active. I’m lucky enough to be going to the KDE promo sprint so I’ll actually get to meet some of the great promo peeps in person. I have high expectations since they all seem pretty awesome 🙂

* Interesting place to work while getting into free software. I did spot certain inconsistencies between what I did for a job and what I believed in and they were some of the reasons for me leaving that world. Probably I’ll come back to that in a future post.

Now, the call for help

Ok, enough about me – I’m surprised you’re still reading really, or did you just skip to the interesting bit? I’m currently researching an article on KDE on Windows and I’d like some help. I’d like to hear from anyone reading this who encountered KDE applications for the first time on Windows and is therefore here because of the KDE on Windows project. Bonus points if you got in to KDE development or any other kind of contributing as a result, but I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who simply got in to using KDE software after using an app on Windows. Just drop me a comment here and use your genuine email address when filling in the comment form and I’ll get in touch (your email isn’t published). Or you can contact me directly at stua@gmail.com

4 Responses to “Hello Planet (and a request for help)”

  • summel says:

    i use kde on windows and mac os… mainly amarok and kopete (quassel and arora are not “really” kde applications 🙂 ) and of curse i use kde on linux… i hope that kontact/kmail gets as useable as it was in kde 3 on all 3 plattforms because we want to use/reccomend it in the university so that we only have to support one email/pim client that does it all and works on every plattform we use/support 🙂

  • Kyrre says:

    I am a bit scared of the big size of the whole kde in windows, and can not test it on my small SSD netbook..