Magnatune is really quite good nowadays

I’ve always really quite liked Magnatune, ever since (I guess) about 2005 when I first became aware of it. However, back then browsing and listening to the music was not that easy and – as far as I got around to exploring – there wasn’t really that much of the music that really appealed to me. As I remember, I bought a few albums, liked the try before you buy approach and the fair revenue splitting (half to artists), free format downloads (Vorbis and FLAC) and then pretty much forgot about it.

Since then though, Magnatune has changed in a few ways. Firstly, they’ve brought in the stream and download subscriptions that give you access to a whole heap of music at very competitive prices – and with the download membership you get to keep your downloads even if you end your subscription. Secondly, the store is now fully integrated in Amarok (work sponsored by Magnatune) which gives you access to the entire catalogue right from Amarok. If you have a membership then there are no interruptions to streamed tracks and you can download your albums in your preferred format from within the user interface. They’ve also expanded the music catalogue and (in my opinion) enhanced its quality too. The thing that really got me noticing this was listening to my Recommended Radio from (another service integrated in Amarok) and checking out a few previously unfamiliar artists that I liked, realised they were on Magnatune. So I bought a couple of albums but then realised it would make a lot more sense just to have a membership. It’s only been a couple of months so far, but I’m pretty impressed and have been exploring whole genres I wouldn’t normally even look in to and finding interesting stuff there too.

Incidentally, one of the Magnatune artists that first caught my attention was Beight, which (courtesy of Magnatune) you can listen to below. It requires flash (though one of the free alternatives might work) but alternatively you can check it out by grabbing the playlist from the site or in Amarok.

File In Rhythm by Beight

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