Status and missing posts

Well, I think I’ve rescued as much of my content as possible from the old site. Everything that was in the database CMS is gone forever so there is a big gap between 2006 (the last articles using plain text files) and September 2009 (switch to WordPress).

This means there will be a whole load of broken links out there that can’t be redirected to the correct content as it no longer exists. There are also some more that can – and will – be redirected once I get that sorted out.

There’s also the question of what to do with other bits of the site. I’ve inherited the structure from what Simon set up in 2006 (when this was his site) and the Information and Free Stuff sections are pretty empty of anything useful – the Information section at least could most probably be integrated in to the blog. Going forward, probably the only important part of Free Stuff is the successor to PhotoPimper (which I’ve recently started work on again). Still, for the time being the easiest thing is to leave everything as it is.

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