Photo fun in Amarok

One of the many cool things about Amarok 2 is the integration of video and pictures that match up with the song/artist you are currently listening too. It’s a great way to stumble across cool music videos, but it’s the photo stuff that has been amusing me a bit.

If you listen to Doves as I apparently do then you get a nice photo feed with lots of pictures of doves. Listening to Red House Painters fetched me some jolly pictures of people, well you can guess this… painting houses red. Oh semantic web, where art thou?

2 Responses to “Photo fun in Amarok”

  • Luca says:

    Yes, it’s quite annoying. Sometimes filling words like “band” or “music” or “Down Colourful Hill” as keywords (waiting for semantic web) helps.

    [OT] Mark Kozelek is the greatest songwriter ever. [/OT]

  • Stu says:

    Yes, I spotted the ability to add extra words after I posted this. It’s just one of those nice add-on features really and I quite enjoyed all the pictures of red houses 🙂

    Re RHP, I’ve only got the one album (and that’s the retrospective) and I rarely remember to listen to them, but when I do I always think mmm, this is really good, and then forget to listen to them again for ages. I should really get some of the proper albums – I’m not that much in to best of compilations…