Promo Sprint Day 1

Ok, I’m getting these done pretty late (since it’s now well in to day 2).

KONSEC has provided us with a couple of nice conference rooms (both big enough to hold everyone, but also allowing us to split in to different teams working on different projects) complete with wired and wireless internet and even free hot drinks so we can all get a caffeine boost from time to time and stay awake 🙂

As Troy mentioned already, one of the first tasks of the first day was sorting out the basic structure of the rebranding – separating the entity that produces our software from the software itself and really making it obvious that you can use KDE applications on Gnome, Windows, Mac, wherever…

It also gets us away from trying to find sensible ways of saying “KDE releases KDE” which arises when we have the same name for product and community. There’s still more discussion of branding issues (going on now) and we need to actually pick some names too 🙂

In the afternoon Jos made sure we got down to some “proper” work One team re-writing and updating a great KDE Handbook that was initially put together by community members in India – we’ll be delivering the text for the updated version by the end of the sprint. The other team started to work on a new navigation structure for, to make it a bit easier to find things and put everything in sensible locations.

That kept us busy from 9am to 7pm, then we headed out for dinner and a few drinks (well ok, quite a few) for some community building and general chat and gossip. Making it in for the 10am start time (an hour later than yesterday in recognition of it being the weekend) was a bit of a struggle.

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