Promo Sprint Sunday

I’ve completely lost track of how many days we’ve been here now – and Stockholm syndrome is kicking in with our slave-driving captor 😉 But I’m pretty sure yesterday was Sunday so that will do for a title for what I want to talk about.

In the morning we split off for a few little meetings and I was in the one discussing the Dot. Things have been going pretty well there with lots of stories getting published but there are a few things we need to sort out to make sure we get stories published on time (and at the right time) and we also really need to fix the broken links from old stories written for the old Dot.

We also discussed Camp KDE which sounds like it should be awesome so if you’re over on the side of the pond where keyboards seem to be lacking a working ‘u’ key (that’s why you keep saying color and honor when you mean colour and honour, right?) you really have no excuse not to check it out.

Cornelius reports on the rebranding effortsOver lunch, we had presentations from the team leaders of the various projects we’ve been working on so that we could all see the progress that has been made and then we worked through until about 2100 on the content for the KDE handbook (initially for and the release announcement for 4.4. Martin also gave an interesting presentation about KONSEC (our hosts) and the work that they are doing. We also got a sneak preview of a mock-up for the new website design that it-s put together in about 48 hours. Based on that, the guy is a genius.

A few beers and chatting followed in the evening, but you knew that already, right? We also plotted KDE’s world domination, to be realised with a five-year plan – free software == communism 😉

So now, most people have headed off but a hardcore few of us – Lydia, Kenny, Eckhart, Jos and me are still here working on the things we didn’t quite manage to get done. The hotel people are vacuuming the breakfast room all around us and probably want us to leave but haven’t actually said so yet…

A Dot article summarising what we got up to this weekend will follow shortly(ish).

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  • Fazer says:

    Something is wrong with fonts on your blog. They look very jagged, no matter if I zoom them in or out. Are they anti-aliased at all?