We are KDE

So, the announcement on repositioning the KDE brand has been out for a few days now…

I must say that I’ve been very encouraged by the response – on the Dot at least. Lots of questions (most of which I think we’ve been able to answer quite well as the majority of them are things that already came up in our discussions), a healthy dose of skepticism (I like that, as a scientist skepticism is good as long as it is open to reasoned argument) and a general sense that we haven’t really changed that much. The latter point is important because it suggests that we are succeeding in simply being more clear about defining things in a way that many of us already see them: KDE is the people and we produce some cool stuff. So it’s not so much about rebranding as simply making our brands fit better with reality.

I particularly liked Lydia’s post about what KDE means to her and Nuno’s nice summary:

We are KDE

We are KDE

I’ve also become briefly (in)famous as the “KDE spokesperson” who said all this stuff about our brands. I wonder if the person who used that phrase gets that KDE doesn’t really have appointed spokespeople, though I guess we’re all spokespeople when we’re writing about KDE in public, particularly in places like the Dot that the news sites read. I suspect that they just need to present to their (business oriented?) readership that the news is somehow official and perhaps “community member” would not have been understood. One news site of dubious quality even called me “KDE representative royalty” 😮

So, we’ve finally made the announcement, now we need to crack on with the hard of work of getting this structure out in our communications, talking to our downstream distributors to advise them how to refer to our software and a myriad of other things, some of which we probably haven’t even thought of. Work is ongoing on the kde-promo mailing list and on the community wiki. Come and join us if you’d like to help.

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