Why the rebranding?

So now the Dot article is out with my name on it (that’s just an accident really as I was the guy who first imported our draft text in to the Dot) It is supposed to provide a concise, readable, but far from comprehensive summary of the “Repositioning the KDE brand” document that Cornelius put together after a lot of discussion.

Why do this?

So, a lot of that text is not mine (although I endorse it fully – it’s only not mine because I didn’t manage to describe things that well). One of the things I did do was put together that diagram of the brand map for the Dot article. After doing that, I wondered how it looked under the old branding structure – well, you can see the results below (old brand names first, new ones below). Hopefully that indicates how the old branding structure has been ambiguous and made it really difficult for us to present the products in any kind of coherent way.

Old brand map

Old brand map

New brand map

New brand map

It was messy and a lot of those KDE/KDE 4 names were used interchangeably (and often we still had K Desktop Environment too). Writing anything quickly became a mess of KDEs and you could only tell from the context – and some prior knowledge about what we do – what each of them actually meant. The new brands make my job a lot easier and if we make the job of promoting KDE products easier then we should get better promotion of KDE products. Of course, it is also desirable to split the Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook from the apps a little so that people not running one of those should not be put off trying out Amarok, KOffice or K3B.

4 Responses to “Why the rebranding?”

  • Mickaël Sibelle says:


    I want to say “Nice to see it!” 🙂
    It is easy to understand what happened when I see your schema.

    BUT 😀
    I think you could have shown where the community is in your schema.
    Did you forgot? or just not did want to?

    KDE *IS* the name of our community now,
    while it used to only be the name of “things”, right ?

    Mickaël Sibelle.

  • TuringTest says:


    I’d like to upload the KDE brand map to Wikipedia in order to illustrate the KDE article, but I’m not sure whether it’s published under a copyleft license.

    Could you tell me which is the copyright status of the image, and do you agree to this usage? In that case, would you mind to provide a .svg version or a higher resolution png? Thanks, and good work!

  • Stu says:

    @ TuringTest

    I’ll contact you separately about the Wikipedia stuff – updating some of those pages is on our todo so it would be great to discuss that. I’ll also send you an SVG.

    Re the licence: the brand maps are under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License – that’s fine for Wikipedia? Any problems with that otherwise – perhaps it would be better to make it public domain?