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How to stop worrying and love the rebranding

It has been really encouraging to see how much of the rebranding is sticking already – the better known news sites seem to be generally reporting the first beta of KDE Software Compilation 4.4 rather than KDE 4.4, but… well you knew there would be a “but”, right? Well here it is: If you used […]

Poll for 3rd party apps label now live

Long promised, we finally got around to setting up a poll (down on the right hand side) to guide us in choosing a label(s) to recommend to third party application developers who would like to associate their applications with either the KDE Community or KDE Platform. So go to KDE Apps, vote and help us […]

The wow factor

How do we get more people interested in KDE software? We can talk about it being Free (and free), point out that it does everything that the proprietary competition can do (if that’s true) but there is always a cost in changing software: you have to learn new stuff. Therefore our biggest openings are when […]

I’ll show you mine…

I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours – well, actually, I’ll show you mine anyway 🙂 Thomas Hannigan suggested on kde-promo the rather good idea of making a flickr group to showcase some of the ways you can build your own ideal workspace using KDE’s Plasma Desktop. This can act as a store […]

Odds and ends

It’s been one of those busy weeks that come up from time to time, both on the work front and a few personal things to deal with (both have been hard work, but good as possible results all round). The net result is that I’ve felt like I haven’t really had the time for KDE […]