Odds and ends

It’s been one of those busy weeks that come up from time to time, both on the work front and a few personal things to deal with (both have been hard work, but good as possible results all round). The net result is that I’ve felt like I haven’t really had the time for KDE stuff, though I’ve found a few minutes here and then to review the odd Dot article. Oh, and I did get around to doing a new WordPress install (having slightly borked the first one trying to shoehorn it in to the old site structure and design, to the extend that a routine update I tried on another server broke a lot of stuff). I clearly don’t have time to maintain anything more than a blog from the old site structure I inherited, so I’ve abandoned that idea. Hopefully the redirects will work ok and I haven’t just spammed the Planet (I tried not to and nothing bad seems to have happened so far – apologies if I have though).

Anyway, plenty of other people have been very busy on the promotion front. Justin and co have been continuing to do great work with Camp KDE and the numbers of attendees there are rising nicely. Jos and others have continued to work on things in the community wiki which is starting to get to be a really useful resource.

Excitingly, there seem to be several new people appearing on the kde-promo mailing list (although it’s possible that they’re old hands and they just haven’t been around for a while). Long-time KDE blogger Liquidat (aka Roland Walters) has an article in progress for the Dot, which is pretty awesome.

Most encouraging of all was the response to the Krita appeal for funding. I didn’t have any doubt they’d reach their target, given the amount to the raised and the quality of the proposal, but I was surprised at the speed with which the target has been reached. Perhaps an approach to consider for other application teams in the future, though it’s probably something that needs to be not done too often.

After a busy Monday, I’ll hopefully be a bit more active again. Getting a poll together to choose a text for third party developers to show their application’s affiliation with KDE is top of my hit list and I also have a mostly done Dot article that should hopefully be appearing towards the end of the week.

Busy times 🙂

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