KDE Articles in Linux Journal

LJ Feb 2010

LJ Feb 2010

Long time, no post… “Real life” is unfortunately keeping me busy.

Nonetheless, something I did back in November came to fruition this week. A few months ago Jos got in touch with the folks at Linux Journal to see if they might be interested in some KDE related articles for their February issue. It turned out they were and so the latest issue has plenty of KDE content with Jos’s interview with Aaron and Sebas about KDE’s future, Riccardo‘s article on writing Plasma Widgets and my article on running KDE software on Windows.

Linux Journal uses a subscription model, but they make their archive available for free a month or two after publication and (if you didn’t use it already) you can get a free PDF trial copy of the current issue by filling in an online form.

3 Responses to “KDE Articles in Linux Journal”

  • slashdevdsp says:

    fantastic, thanks for the mention regarding the free issue.

    I am going through “re-discover your desktop with plasma” this definitely needs to go on techbase (p. A minor correction on page 79 of the pdf, for the build environment

    mkdir build
    cd build <- line is missing
    cmake –DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config –prefix` ..

    other than that thumbs up for a great article Riccardo 🙂

  • Tsiolkovsky says:

    Wow I didn’t know about this option for a free issue of Linux Journal. Thanks. this will definitely be an interesting read. BTW is anyone keeping track of all the articles about KDe in all the magazines? It would be nice to have some reference like this to go thru.

  • Stu says:

    @ both – sorry for late replies, I’ve been busy.

    @ slashdevdsp: Techbase is a wiki – so of course that information can be added by anyone (the information, not a direct copy of the article as LJ have an exclusive license to that and anyway, not all of it would be relevant to techbase

    @ Tsiolkovsky: I don’t think we do really? Please feel free to set up a page on the community wiki – probably somewhere under Promo…