Calling artists and photographers

Hello KDE fans, I have a couple of tasks for you:

Design KDE swag

KDE has a new spreadshirt store with a couple of nice t-shirts by Sebas and some badges including some work by Ingo.

Under construction by Ingo

Under construction by Ingo

We’ve been formulating some ideas and designs on the wiki and some, like mine, are in need of some proper artistic input. There are also several ideas that haven’t been developed into draft images yet.
One of my suggestions - help needed

One of my suggestions - help needed

So, what’s in it for you? Well, you get to say you contributed to KDE and might get to see your creation wandering around Akademy, plus there is talk of giving the designers a free copy of the t-shirt, or whatever, containing their design.

Here’s some additional info courtesy of Justin on the kde-promo mailing list:

  1. We do have some existing logos and things you may want to use or at least be aware of which are stored on the Community wiki. Logos are in the KDE clipart link at the top.
  2. Spreadshirt allows for both “vector” and “pixel” designs but due to the nature of of the t-shirt medium it is highly advisable to design in a program that produces the vector graphics so we can scale them as needed without distorting your images. Though I think in some cases if we only have “pixel” versions we might be able to work with it if the resolution is high enough.
  3. Since this is printed media you should design everything in CMYK colorschemes rather than RGB.
  4. More details about the Spreadshirt “design” uploading process can be found on the Spreadshirt site
  5. “Be Creative”…”Be Inspired”….”Be Free” 😉

Provide your science photos for LabPlot

Something I started working on a number of months ago and have recently come back to is working on a website redesign for LabPlot.

The current draft is at (there’s still a lot to do, integration of the logo in the header definitely needs a lot of work). One of the things I want to have is a rotating image in the sidebar. I have a few already – one is displayed and the rotator is implemented but I’ve lost the copyright info for the others so only displaying one at present. It would be great to get photos from actual KDE people in Science – I’m after things that are fairly simple, optionally quite abstract from any branch of science. You should be prepared to license the image under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (or something more liberal). You can send images to me at (click on the dots to solve the CAPTCHA) or just put a link to an online image in the comments. Please specify the license and make it clear that you’re the copyright holder in your comment or email.

15 Responses to “Calling artists and photographers”

  • Markus says:

    I don’t like the tone of this as well as your previous posts. You permanantly seem to suggest you are a majour player within in KDE who is e.g. “giving tasks to KDE-fans”, announcing major KDE-efforts and so on.

    You are NOT that person, don’t behave as if you were.


  • Stu says:

    @ Markus. Wow, I’ve upset you…

    To deal with the points:
    – Yeah, I’ve done quite little and haven’t done it for very long. I certainly don’t see myself as a “major player” in KDE (What do I do? Assist with release announcements, write occasional Dot articles and edit on the Dot, that’s about it)
    – One of the things I like about KDE is that actually no one gets to tell each other what to do, not even your notional major players. I could write something like “Dear KDE users and contributors here is something that you could do if you would like to make a contribution that doesn’t require coding skills” Most people are I think able to understand “Hello KDE fans, I have a couple of tasks for you” in that way and, really, I think I’m verbose enough already 🙂
    – Generally (the LabPlot stuff is an exception – but I’ve discussed the site design with LabPlot devs) when I’m ‘announcing’ stuff here it’s been discussed already on the mailing lists. For example, Justin already blogged about the t-shirts a while ago.

    Ah well, it seems my style of writing annoys you. Perhaps it’s just best if you skip planet posts with my name on them.

  • François says:

    I don’t mean to be negative again, but the example that you give always make me feel uncomfortable. Why need to compare with Apple & Windows and criticize them? I don’t mean you are wrong, I mean that this kind of message can give a bad image to the opensource community in my opinion. We should focus on our strengths, and not always compare / critize the other competitors. You can express the same thing without any need to criticize the others. And why put KDE 3d on the image? When I see this, here is how I understand it:
    “Microsoft, baddddd
    Apple, badddd!
    KDE, good”

    You start by criticizing first, THEN you talk about KDE?

    I would simply focus on KDE. And explain that we have full control on everything, total freedom. Who cares what others are doing if you believe in your own work?

  • Stu says:


    It’s ok, if I thought what I posted was perfect already I wouldn’t be asking for help 🙂 That’s just one idea, not even necessarily a good one. I was posting to get (a) better graphics for the existing ideas (except the ones Ingo has picked up, where it looks like he’s more than capable) and (b) hopefully some completely new ideas too.

    Can you put your preferred focus in to an image or a description and upload to the wiki? That would be great.

    Regarding the Windows, Mac, KDE thing – well I don’t really see it as making a serious negative point but more making fun of both Windows and Apple who have both been pushing I’m a Mac I’m a PC kinds of campaigns. But if others see it the way you do then perhaps it needs a rethink.

    @ Everyone – If you have an idea, please feel free to put it on the wiki: that’s what it is there for. Ideas in comments here or emailed are fine, but then I just have to upload them anyway and I might take a while doing that. LabPlot stuff on the other hand by email or in the comment please 🙂

  • François says:

    I see your point, humor is always welcome, but this is quite a sensitive topic in my opinion. Every single time you have a news about an OS posted on a website, there are ALWAYS flame wars in the comments. Always. “I don’t have this problem on my Mac Book”, “Ubuntu does that for years!”, “yes but we have video games!”. You know that too well i’m sure.

    I find the Apple/Windows ads quite funny, but I don’t really like the philosophy that much… It means more or less: “you buy our products? you are clever! The others are idiots. You are better”. Apple is very good at giving you this feeling. You are special! I don’t really like Apple or windows softwares. it doesn’t mean they are bad, and that everybody should choose another one. They fit in plenty of needs. I don’t like to say “hey people, i’m happy, i’m using the right software, you are unhappy and not clever”. Most people are happy with their system.

    Personally, I think we should simply focus on our strengths, and people are not idiots, they can quickly reach the same conclusion: “they do that, but I cannot do it on Windows/Apple/whatever, interesting!”. On a tshirt it’s a bit complicated, the message is too short to express everything. I don’t have very specific ideas, I just wanted to give you my feeling about this kind of message.

  • Tomaz Canabrava says:

    I do feel like François. I don’t like the ‘you use that, you are bad, use this to be free and cool”, in a way, I don’t even like the ‘It’s free!” campaign,

  • Stu says:

    @ François and Tomaz

    Fair enough. Perhaps I’m just lucky in that among people I know no-one generally flames over software choices and I don’t frequent sites where that kind of thing happens. Most of my friends use Windows or Mac (I use Windows too sometimes) so I don’t believe in any “use KDE software or you’re stupid/evil” idea. Of course, a t-shirt doesn’t need to appeal to everyone – we should have a wide range – but perhaps this idea needs a rethink. Someone else suggested emphasising thepositive aspect of KDE more than the negatives of the others (by email and now a design on the wiki).

    Anyway, thanks for your views, we’ve been (not intentionally) quite a small group working on this and definitely need some wider input I think.

    Tomaz – why do you use KDE software? I’m not trying to challenge your viewpoint on the PC/Mac/KDE idea or even the “Be Free” slogan, just wondering what your reasons are and whether they might form the basis for a t-shirt design 🙂

  • Xaver says:

    Ahm… WHAT is it that you want (for LabPlot photos, I mean)? Honestly, I don’t understand… “photos from actual KDE people in Science”, does that mean you want a photo of my face or what?
    And if scientist or not, I think nobody will notice…

  • Stu says:

    @ Xaver

    I was looking for “fairly simple, optionally quite abstract [pics] from any branch of science”. Ok, maybe that’s a bit vague – really things like test-tubes, laser beams, big bits of kit (parts of LHC), weird sea creatures – these are some of the things I’ve found trawling Flickr. I just figured that there are probably a fair number of scientists among KDE software users and scientists are more likely to have these kind of pics. And perhaps as its a KDE app it is nice to get some pictures from people who might actually be using it.

    So no, I’m not after a picture of you (but thanks…) and I’m not excluding people who are not scientists or KDE software users. Probably I’ll end up doing another trawl through Flickr and Wikimedia Commons via the Creative Commons search.

  • Darryl says:

    The sad person tied to an apple is quite funny. The one stuck behind the window is also simple yet powerful. Excellent idea!

    Thanks for the effort you put in – it adds to the awesomeness of KDE.

  • Justin Kirby says:

    I agree with Darryl and Stu here. I think the design Stu came up with is funny and highlights an important part of why many people use KDE (the freedom to make it do whatever you want). You simply can’t do this with closed source software and so I think it’s plenty fair to highlight that as a reason why someone would want to use KDE software. As for this statement…

    “Microsoft, baddddd
    Apple, badddd!
    KDE, good”

    It seems like the messaging on the shirt works perfectly to me. If you disagree with this idea then this shirt is not for you. But I would be willing to bet the vast majority of our community does in fact feel this message is true and I don’t see anything wrong with saying it. Why did we bother creating all of this KDE stuff if we thought those other solutions were fine? Also, most anyone who has seen the related commercials will immediately be left wondering “what is this KDE thing?” which is a great way to get new users curious enough to ask and learn more about our software.

    Last but not least, this is just ONE shirt idea. If there are folks out there who want to see something else please feel free to post your ideas on the wiki so that there is a shirt created that you like. Several other people have done this already and there are some nice designs being created around them already!

  • tidbeck says:


    Just a thought, couldn’t you have the classic “apple on head” as the image representing Apple?

  • Stu says:

    @ Darryl – thanks

    @ Justin – exactly (on the whole this is just one idea thing – I just posted the pics we had at the moment)

    @ tidbeck – nice idea, I think we might run with that (discussing on kde-promo now…)

  • Love the concept in the second picture 🙂

    • Stu says:

      Thanks 🙂 Following some further feedback I think that’s one we’ll be developing. It’s waiting on me to do something I think…