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Last call for software label designs

Just a quickie: If you haven’t yet submitted your design for a KDE software label then you have just over a week (until 31 May) to do so. There have been some great additions and refinements in the last few weeks and picking the best is going to be a difficult task. But we don’t […]

Patents (and Amarok)

This started as a comment on Ade’s blog post about Hugin, but I don’t think comments should be bigger than the original blog post, so I’ve moved it here instead 🙂 Ade makes some interesting points about the GPL, particularly the opportunity to exclude certain jurisdictions where the use of the software would infringe a […]

Going to Akademy

First, in the absence of any nice graphics yet and not wishing to encourage puppy killing by using Paul’s great graphic, I have to settle for: Update: yay, we have an image: A big thanks to everyone on the organising team for their efforts so far and for all that they still have to do […]

KDE Software Labels – moving forwards

A while ago, we asked for designs to accompany our KDE Software Labels. We’ve already got some excellent ideas on the wiki and there will be a Dot article quite soon with one last call for artwork and setting out the process for choosing the best. In the meantime, it’s not too late to add […]

More on contributing

This is a bit of a follow up to my previous post but it’s going to wander around a bit. Growing our mentoring programs One of the common themes was not being sure where to start and needing some guidance. Justin suggested extending mentoring in KDE, which seems like a great idea. We already have […]