Going to Akademy

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I'm going to Akademy

I'm going to Akademy

A big thanks to everyone on the organising team for their efforts so far and for all that they still have to do 😮 In their wisdom they have decided that I get to talk at you for a bit. I was a little surprised by that (in a good way) as I thought at least the main topic I chose might have been picked up by someone a lot better qualified, so now I had better crack on and get something decent written…

Getting there – I’m a hypocrite

Tampere looks like a great place to be, but unfortunately it is not the easiest place to get to without flying (which is bad due to carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution around airports and getting stranded every time a volcano erupts…). I found various options for getting from the UK to Finland, but the quickest would take three days each way and costs two-three times more than flying, so I’m doing the latter. However, if you live in northern or eastern Europe there are some other possibilities by train, coach and ferry so please take a moment to consider those before booking your flight. Yeah, I know – I’m flying and most of you are probably flying too – lecture over 😉

By the way, if you are flying then Skyscanner is a pretty excellent flight finder that I’ve used a number of times (and this time too).

Plans for before and after

I’m arriving in Helsinki in the evening on Friday, hoping to get to Tampere by bus or train around midnight and perhaps meet a few people in Tampere or at the hostel. After Akademy I plan to head to Helsinki on Saturday morning and then stay there for a night (somewhere) before catching a flight back on Sunday evening. So, if anyone else plans on doing similar, has recommendations for accommodation or sights in Helsinki – or nearby – please let me know.

6 Responses to “Going to Akademy”

  • Chani says:

    several of us are planning to take a boat to helsinki, actually. 🙂 …of course, I’ll still have a long flight to and from europe, but the boat sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Stu says:

    Yeah, the boat sounds great – are you taking the boat from Stockholm or further away? (Stockholm is beautiful, well worth a few hours to check it out if you go that way).

    If I had the time and money I’d do the whole rail/sea trip regardless of any environmental concerns just because it looks awesome 🙂

  • Fri13 says:

    There are at least two church sightseeing in Helsinki. A Temppeliaukion kirkko (Temppeliaukio church) and Helsingin tuomiokirkko or Suurkirkko (Helsinki Cathedral).

    The later is in the centrum, easy to actually find. Just block away from the sea. And next the Helsinki university campus area.
    The first one is as well near centrum, located in Etu-Töölö. About 15-20 minutes by walking from Hel.Cathedral. If using tramcar it only takes 5min. There are stations just about 100 meter from both churches.

    And in the centrum as well the Finlandia talo (Finlandia house) what is almost exactly between Hel.cathedral and Temp.aukio church. There goes trams next to it but it is different way. Next the Finlandia house is National Museum.

    And then there are the Sibelius Monumentti (Sibelius Monument). What is located in Taka-Töölö. There does not go tramcar near it. But there is a station about 500-600m away. Bus would be easy but I believe it is so much harder always move with busses on new city than trams because you can not always see all the stops from the map etc.

    I think I could actually make a Google map location map what could be then emailed.

  • Jonas says:

    I will be going from the UK to Akademy by train/boat 🙂

  • Stu says:

    @Fri13 Thanks for info. I sent you an email.

    @Jonas You shame me 😉 Which way are you going?

  • Jonas says:

    Eurostar to Brussels, trains through Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Boat from Stockholm and then train in Finland

    I have family and friends along the way in Cologne, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm though, so it will probably only cost me an Interrail ticket and a night in Brussels.