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Did Someone Mention “Akademy”?

Well, I may have hinted at it already, but: I’ll be doing a few things while I’m there, so here is a bit of shameless self-promotion: KDE Software for Scientists (lightning talk) Beyond Our Comfort Zone: Spreading KDE Software to Non-Free Platforms KDE Software for Scientists (BoF with Luca Beltrame) There are many fascinating things […]


Thanks very much to everyone who commented on the KDE Scientists post. There’s far too much for a Dot article, but I’m trying to sift some general trends and a few quotes out of the mass of information and am writing the article at the moment. The level of interest has taken both Luca and […]

Comunicação, संचार, Связь, Comunicación, 通讯, Communication, Kommunikation

I do hope Google Translate has got those right – and I love German for its abundant use of the letter K (for the curious they are, hopefully: Portugese, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), English/French and German) So, what’s this all about? Well, KDE “is an international technology team” – it says so on the […]

Calling KDE Scientists

Are you a (student, grad-student, post-doc, lecturer, professor, working in the big bad private sector) scientist? Do you use KDE software? Do you use KDE software for your science? If you can answer ‘yes’ to two or more of the above then I would love to hear from you. Update: Well, actually, I have plenty […]

KOffice 2.2: Is It Ready Yet?

KOffice 2.2 was recently released and can be “used for real work”. Conveniently, just after 2.2 was released, I found myself needing to put together a presentation for Akademy – so what to use? Competition PowerPoint is ok-ish but requires using Windows and doesn’t save in an open format (ODP or PDF). OpenOffice Impress – […]