Comunicação, संचार, Связь, Comunicación, 通讯, Communication, Kommunikation

I do hope Google Translate has got those right – and I love German for its abundant use of the letter K (for the curious they are, hopefully: Portugese, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), English/French and German)

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KDE: a global community

So, what’s this all about?

Well, KDE “is an international technology team” – it says so on the website 😉 We localise our software and being part of KDE is a great way to meet and mix with people of other cultures. Within Europe and North America, even language barriers are not too much of an issue – luckily most people seem to speak English and so we’re pretty good at picking up news from across Europe, the US and Canada.

But there’s a lot more to KDE than that.

We have vibrant communities in Brazil and some great work coming out of India (just check our list of GSoC participants). We’re attending events in Africa. We have hackers in Iran. We have… well, I get the sense I’m hugely ignorant about what we really have. Do we report enough on what is going on around the world?

It is great that we have regional communities. It is far better to be invited in to KDE by someone who understands your culture and speaks your language. However, the KDE website and the Dot should be the central home for all of KDE – is afterall probably the first place that many people find.

The Dot features application releases (doing ok there), interviews (quite euro/North America-centric) and reports on events that we attend (very Euro/North America-centric).

What can we do to make better communication between our teams and to make the Dot better reflect the activities of our worldwide community?

We have a few thoughts and we’d like to invite you to attend our Akademy Marketing team BoF on Tuesday at 1600 to give us your ideas too.

If you can’t make it to Akademy or the Marketing BoF then please feel free to add thoughts here and let us know what we can do or what you can do. Join or contact one of us directly (you can find my details on the About page here).

14 Responses to “Comunicação, संचार, Связь, Comunicación, 通讯, Communication, Kommunikation”

  • jack says:

    Well, ‘ Communication ‘ can be translated into 通讯 in Chinese, but it also has other meanings with subtle difference, such as 交流, which seems more appropriate if communication means communication among people rather than communication among non-emotional machines, but 通讯 is also acceptable.

    • Stu says:

      Thanks 🙂 I think we can assume that I’m not going to be much use in keeping an eye on Chinese language news sites for KDE happenings.

  • Cyril says:

    Russian Связь seems to be rather “relation, connection”. Try Общение instead, at least this links to Wikipedia articles in other languages on communication. 🙂
    IMHO German isn’t redundant with K, English is just superredundant with C. 😉

    • Stu says:

      Heh, yep, ‘k’ is a very underused letter in many languages I think and the use of ‘c’ for the ‘k’ sound in English is one of its many oddities.

      Thanks for the better Russian translation.

  • Tsiolkovsky says:

    Maybe The Dot could have a special option for local teams to submit their news and stories to, juts in case a local team doesn’t have their own server/site. And maybe there should be an option to translate the stories to other languages? An option could than be added to user preferences to select language/locale (or couple of them) that would be shown in addition to general/english content. And if user is not logged in the system could guess based on language sent by browser which one to show, or maybe it could be based on GeoIP or something like that.

    • Stu says:

      Some interesting points. My thought was to get more English translations of some articles from other places on to the Dot, but of course it would also be good the other way. Giovanni often provides Italian translations of some of our articles and also gives us English translations of Italian interviews too, so that is one aspect that is working well.

      As with all things it is a question of time and having people available.

  • Mario Fux says:

    A translation of to different languages would be great. Even if userbase has translations is probably the first entry point to the KDE community. We have such a great i18n and l10n team so why not translating the homepage (see

    • Stu says:

      And/or more obvious links to our various localised sites – though the problem is some of those are quite outdated. Debian indeed seems to do this quite well

  • Fri13 says:

    Finnish use K more than C, actually there might be only a few words (they are very very rare) what has C in them. Finnish is more like Deutsche, “Kommunikation” is in Finnish “Kommunikaatio” (or “Kommunikointi” if talking about verb). Or like KDEPim “Kontact”, it would be in Finnish “Kontakti”

    • Stu says:

      I really should have included Finnish, given the little conference taking place there next week

  • Torsten Rahn says:

    That’s a nice Marble you have there.

    • Stu says:

      It’s a public domain image from Wikimedia Commons and yeah, it’s nice. Thinking about it though I could have saved myself a bit of time and just fired up Marble and KSnapshot 🙂

  • Ankit Sharma says:

    the hindi is absolutely correct. its a pleasure to see kde working with hindi

    • Stu says:

      I hope it does. Localisation is important – I really like KDE software for the good British English ‘translations’ – it doesn’t matter so much in interfaces if you can understand the other language but is needed for writing tools – spellchecking etc.