Did Someone Mention “Akademy”?

Well, I may have hinted at it already, but:

I'm going to Akademy logo

I'm going to Akademy

I’ll be doing a few things while I’m there, so here is a bit of shameless self-promotion:

There are many fascinating things going on and I’m particularly looking forward to learning more about Nepomuk, community building and the Plasma Media Center project. Well, actually there’s far more than that. I’d particularly like to go to Inge’s KOffice talk too but have unavoidable commitments elsewhere – I do have to turn up for my own talk, right?

Other than that, I’d like to sneak off and see at least a little bit of the football in some of the evenings, even though England’s chances of winning this year have suffered a minor setback (very unlikely -> impossible). Also, if someone local (or someone with luggage space) can bring a ball along perhaps we can sort out some jumpers for goalposts style KDE football action?

Other than that, there’s a lot of serious work to be done. Many of us will be trying to give those of you who can’t attend a taster of the action through regular blogging and the promo team will, I’m sure, do their best to make us Dot editors collapse from exhaustion.

Oh and thanks very much to KDE e.V. for assisting with my travel expenses – which by extensions means thanks to the companies and individuals who have chosen to Join the Game and support KDE.

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