Software Label Designs – voting is open

The Software Label design poll is now open and you can vote on the KDE forum.

A few points:

  • The final designs are chosen by four panel judges from the KDE Promotion team and you, via the forum poll
  • The forum poll results will be normalised to a scale of 0-10 in common with the panel judges’ votes – so each design will end up with an overall score out of 50
  • The panel judges’ votes are in and are very close, so your votes do matter
  • There are eleven entries. For a while at the weekend the default settings for a few users meant that only nine showed on the first page, with the final two on a second page, but this is fixed now so all are on one page (unless you explicitly set your display preferences to be different)
  • The poll will be open until 13 June

6 Responses to “Software Label Designs – voting is open”

  • illissius says:

    I like two of the entries, but a grammatical error in one of them — “part of KDE platform” rather than “part of the KDE platform”, etc. — is really, really grating. I hope that’s fixable? Or should I vote it down on that basis?

    • Stu says:

      Minor things like that will be fixed, so you don’t need to worry about them when voting (as long as you can see how the correct phrase could fit in to the design)

  • dave null says:

    Is it possible to “hide” the current +/- rating or value so as not to influence a vote?

    making it a true “secret ballot” ?


    • Stu says:

      Right now: no, and I don’t think we’re going to change it halfway through a poll.

      However, we’ve learned some things from this poll that will likely lead to changes in future:
      – Hiding the scores, at least until after you have cast your vote is probably something that will be used in future to avoid possible bias of being led by others’ opinions.
      – Removing negative voting in polls. While they work well for individual brainstorm ideas (is this idea good or bad?) the question in a poll like this one is “which is best?”. To have results that indicate any of the designs are negative is nonsense, but also inevitable as it makes sense to vote down all but your favourite design as that allows you to effectively give two votes to your favourite