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Bad Behavior

I’ve been getting a lot of spam recently (Akismet has blocked a lot, but manually removing what gets through is getting tedious) along with a whole load of junk traffic in the logs. I’m also not a fan of CAPTCHAs or requiring logins, so I’ve decided to give Bad Behavior a try. A potential downside […]

Facebook and KDE Relase Days

Allow me to present a plot of the number of fans of the K Desktop Environment page on Facebook: There are a few things I find interesting. One is the general upward trend (that’s good, right?). Another is the couple of big jumps in February and August. That’s thanks to you, I reckon. A lot […]


Flattr is intriguing – will it work? I mean will it continue to grow, will people renew their subscriptions and ‘normal’ people join (by ‘normal’ I mean people who are not early adopters – people techie enough to have a PayPal account perhaps). In case you don’t know, the principle of Flattr is that you […]

Do You Own KDE’s Facebook Page?

Well, this is slightly embarrassing… We don’t know who owns the KDE Fan Page on Facebook. By ‘we’ I mean the collected minds of KDE-promo and various other people we’ve spoken too, but perhaps you do? Why this matters We have a couple of main fan pages on Facebook: KDE and K Desktop Environment. The […]

Releases, release notes and branding

Following on from my comments about our brands, I want to talk a little about how this affects our release announcement and release promo. One thing you’ll notice on the upcoming KDE Release Day is, well, the use of ‘KDE Release Day’. When we discussed our branding structure, both last November and at Akademy, we […]