Do You Own KDE’s Facebook Page?

Well, this is slightly embarrassing…

We don’t know who owns the KDE Fan Page on Facebook. By ‘we’ I mean the collected minds of KDE-promo and various other people we’ve spoken too, but perhaps you do?

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Come out of the shadows (by tsheko)

Why this matters

We have a couple of main fan pages on Facebook: KDE and K Desktop Environment.

The latter has five active KDE admins, gets official news feeds from the Dot and we can also post official news to it – I posted some stuff for our 4.5 release day and, as ‘official’ news it shows up in your Facebook home page if you’re a fan. It’s all good, except that there is no such thing as the “K Desktop Environment”.

This probably explains why “KDE” is the more popular page, even though it gets no official updates. I and others post there as fans, but you only see that if you go to the fan page itself. The admin for KDE seems inactive and I received no response to a comment there asking him/her to come forwards.

What happens next?

We want to make the “KDE” fan page more relevant and useful. So if you’re in charge of that page or know who is please drop a comment or send me an email (see the ‘about’ tab for my address).

Facebook doesn’t make it easy for us to contact a page owner – the only way to get them to do this appears to be by invoking our trademark rights on “KDE”, which is a bit heavy handed and not really the way we’d like to do things. However, it may come to that.

Other Facebook pages

If you’re admin for another KDE related page on Facebook, could you also let me know? We’d like to make a list of who owns what, so that if there are any problems or pages become inactive we know who to contact. Or just add your info directly into our wiki page.

5 Responses to “Do You Own KDE’s Facebook Page?”

  • Eike Hein says:

    I’ve added info for Konversation’s fan page.

  • jreznik says:

    With Ryan Rix we take care about Fedora KDE page. It’s 70:30 for Fedora KDE:plain KDE but we still post KDE only related topics too.

  • Ryan Rix says:

    Oh, I forgot about that… >.<

    Stu, couldn't we get the e.V. to exercise the KDE trademark to get Farcebook to reveal who is the owner of the account?

    • Stu says:

      Yep, that would be the ultimate plan. However, it’s not easy to do that in a ‘nice’ way (though we’d try) so we’re trying other options first – blog here, request on mailing lists etc.