Facebook and KDE Relase Days

Allow me to present a plot of the number of fans of the K Desktop Environment page on Facebook:

Graph showing the number of fans of the K Desktop Environment page on Facebook

Fans of one of KDE's Facebook pages

There are a few things I find interesting. One is the general upward trend (that’s good, right?).

Another is the couple of big jumps in February and August. That’s thanks to you, I reckon. A lot of people join our fan page around release days. Why? Well to some extent maybe it just reminds people we exist and they search for us on Facebook. More often, I think it is because they see in their news feeds that their friends (you) have liked the news of a new release of KDE software or commented on the page.

There is also (in a bad colour – Facebook’s choice) the number of fans who have chosen not to see news from the K Desktop Environment in their news feed. This rises slightly as you would expect with the increase in overall fans, but doesn’t have peaks around release days so it seems that we’re not flooding the news feeds enough to annoy people and have them block the content.

There’s also a massive haemorrhage and then recovery of support sometime in April, but I reckon that’s just a Facebook glitch 😉

What about the ‘KDE’ page?

Keep in mind that this is the ‘wrong’ Facebook page and is less popular than the KDE page. We’d love to be able to improve content on that page too and to be able to see the same statistics (although multiplied by ~2) there. However, because we don’t know who owns that page we can’t do either of those things. If you know who owns the KDE page, please get in touch via the comments or email.

4 Responses to “Facebook and KDE Relase Days”

  • Mark says:

    Don’t not worry about those people not following the KDE Facebook Feed. I am among them and I did it, because I won’t expect info I wont find elseware in KDEland. I suspect it is the same with most of the others.

    • Stu says:

      Yep, I was pleased those levels were so low really: I often unsubscribe from news for pages I join. Most of it is just Dot news, so you’ll see that on RSS or just visiting the Dot site.

  • Lydia says:

    See the huge increase in February? That was when I made other KDE apps fan of K Desktop Environment and vice-versa. I’m still impressed what a huge difference that made.

    • Stu says:

      Oh yeah, I’d forgotten that. One of the many reasons we need you as our social media ninja 🙂

      It would be interesting to see how what effect hat had on the KDE app pages too.