If you’re near Madrid tonight…

Why not head over to Medialab-Prado at Plaza de las Letras to see KDE superstar, Akonadi demystifier and e.V. board member (enough hype already?) Sebas give a presentation at 1900 local time?

He’ll be talking about how to manage a large community like KDE, interaction with GNOME and the upcoming joint Desktop Summit.

If you can’t make it then you may be able to watch the talk live (I reckon 1900 Spanish time will be 1700 UTC, but I’m not so great at time zones).

See the Medialab Prado website for full details. The presentation will be in English.

3 Responses to “If you’re near Madrid tonight…”

  • Quintesse says:

    Que pena, he leido tu mensaje demasaido tarde, me hubiera gustado ir :/

    • Stu says:

      We spread the news about this very late, unfortunately 🙁 Lo siento.

      (and if my Spanish was a lot better I’d not only understand what you wrote but be able to write the reply too)

  • Pablo says:

    [A rant about Sebas and/or me and boycotting the talk due to English being the language of imperialists – this is the first time I’ve ever removed a comment that wasn’t obvious spam. Keep it constructive and civil please -Stu]