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Finally, after a lot of work from several people (shout out to the Dot’s Carl Symons for chasing up the missing pieces) we’ve managed to release the interview with the local team at Akademy. As everyone noted at the event, they did a fantastic job and it’s nice for anyone who didn’t get to have a chat with them to find out a little bit more about them and how they got sucked in to the KDE world.

Cover of Linux Format magazine edition 136

Linux Format 136

Also, and on a similar timescale that makes me think we on the Dot team are not so slow afterall, it appears that my report on Akademy 2010 and what’s coming up in KDE-land has been published in October’s Linux Format (subscribers only, some PDFs get released for free later, but I don’t know if this one will).

I haven’t – yet – received the free copy most magazines give to authors or got around to buying my own, so I don’t know how heavily the report has been edited. I should also point out that LXF have clear guidelines on how things should be referred to and so any doubleplusungood branding badspeak contained in the article was not my choice 😉

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