WebKDE Roundup (Who Is KDE Part 4)

Continuing Jos’s exploration of cool KDE blogs, here are a few more places you can find some nice reviews of KDE software.

Over in Iran the blog of Saeid Zebardast, you will find a variety of free software related articles and occasional tips relating to KDE software.

In India, Swaroop CH is a long time user of KDE software and occasionally reports on happenings in KDE land.

In Italy, Bash follows our development with a keen eye and provide handy tips for Arch and non-Arch users.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo from Indonesia writes about KDE software on his Unofficial Slackware blog.

Abybashit is not only an openSUSE ambassador but also writes some interesting KDE commentaries from time to time and uses KDE’s Blogilo to do so.

Nice, but dormant

There are also a few blogs that were providing great information, but unfortunately seem to be inactive for a while. If you write one of these, why not fire it up again?

First up, one that hasn’t been updated in some time, but was a great source of thoughts on KDE software and screenshots, Cool stuff from KDE. Gaël, if you’re reading and have the time, please restart that blog 🙂

Also dormant for a while, we have the excellent Introducing KDE 4. Perhaps the author believes that SC4 no longer needs any introduction?

TuxArena at least had posts this year and covers a range of Linux news but with frequent features on KDE software.

Thanks for Jos for compiling this list before he became too busy playing with GNOME to write his own blog posts 😉

Get involved

Do you write or follow a good KDE-related blog? Let me know in the comments (hmm, that may look like comment spam – don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear instantly, it might get held for moderation)

Or if you’d like to reach more people, why not write for the Dot? You can watch out for article ideas by joining KDE Promo, use one of our suggestions or come up with your own using our guidelines.

3 Responses to “WebKDE Roundup (Who Is KDE Part 4)”

  • Whoa, what a surprise seing my (old) KDE blog mentionned on planet kde 🙂

    I’m curious, how have you find this blog ? It was a small project and I’ve indeed left it without advertising it a lot. Well.

    I guess I could feed it again but you guys do a very good job promoting KDE already 🙂

    • Stu says:

      In this case, Jos just passed on a list of blogs that he’d been intending to use in the fourth part of his series.

      I remember your blog from a couple of years ago though – I suspect it probably got picked up by TuxMachines and I found it through that. It was just very nice because it had a lot of pictures and screencasts and was very easy to understand in explaining new features. A bit like what we have tried to do with the feature guides for some of our releases, but on a regular basis.

      Anyway, thanks for your efforts – as you said, there was a lot of negative publicity around KDE software at the time so it was nice to have an independent voice showing the positives.

  • To add more, by the time, KDE4 was blamed and cool stuff was not known and advertised enough. I think this is not the case anymore. But there still is cool new stuff though 🙂