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One Hour to Save the Commit Digest?

Ok, let me put it another way – can you spare an hour to help keep the Commit Digest going? Danny has brought back the Commit Digest, spent a lot of time and effort on the Enzyme infrastructure to make it easy for multiple people to collaborate and, well, is an all-round hero. Can you […]

I’ve Started, So I’ll Finish

This is a multi-part blog post on many rambling topics… LabPlot website Last year, shortly after they had helped me with the interview, I contacted the LabPlot developers to see if they might be interested in a bit of help updating their website. It seemed like a nice, self contained and quick project that I […]

Fourteen Reasons to be KDE

In case you’re sleeping under a rock today, KDE is celebrating its 14th birthday. I still see myself as a newbie round these parts, but I can already think of fourteen things I’ve experienced that made me and make me part of KDE. To be free to try To be free to fail To be […]

Cool Stuff All Round

KDE can be hard work and it’s easy sometimes to overlook the many cool things that people are doing, often just because they see it needs doing and get right on with it. For example, I just discovered that there’s now a decent description of the KDE Platform on Wikipedia (courtesy, it seems, mostly of […]

Akademy Report at TechRadar

This is quite old news (but new to me). It turns out that TechRadar has published a version (slightly shortened, I think) of the Akademy report I wrote for Linux Format. So, if you don’t get Linux Format and didn’t make it to Akademy (or have a bad memory) then you might find it interesting. […]