Cool Stuff All Round

KDE can be hard work and it’s easy sometimes to overlook the many cool things that people are doing, often just because they see it needs doing and get right on with it.

For example, I just discovered that there’s now a decent description of the KDE Platform on Wikipedia (courtesy, it seems, mostly of Markus – who was also behind KDE’s digg page, with some more good edits from a user called Alisha.4m).

Then there is James Cain’s ongoing work getting KDE videos on to our YouTube channel, where he’s been working hard uploading the Akademy talk videos so that they can reach a wider audience. You’ll also find some of his excellent KDE-related writing at the Blue Mint.

Bugsbane submitted some great artwork a few months ago that has now made it into our t-shirt stores in the EU and US, to add to the other great items you can buy there (his are the “KDE Magic” designs).

You may also have noticed the Dot has been pretty busy recently, with a whole load of articles getting published thanks in particular to the efforts of editor Carl Symons. It’s been great to get new authors submitting stuff too, such as Thorsten, Javier, Agustín and Bastian to name a few of the recent ones.

We’ve also had some people popping up on kde-promo recently with some great ideas and offers to do things – more on those when they’re done – a few are already coming close to fruition.

Of course, there’s always more to do, so if you can help, please do.

4 Responses to “Cool Stuff All Round”

  • tardypad says:

    Great! I’ve never heard about these cool T-Shirts… I will buy one someday.
    About the Akademy videos, I don’t think they are all in the Youtube channel right now. A lot of them are missing. I understand it’s quite a long and boring work to put them there. I will help James one of these days (if I can). But for now, I’m quite busy unfortunately.
    By the way, I noticed many people seem to have been interessed in the Meego presentation. Good !

    • Stu says:

      Yes we didn’t publicise the t-shirts very much yet, but will be aiming to do a proper ‘launch’ shortly.

      And yes, there’s still more to come with the YouTube videos – they’re all on the Akademy website of course in free formats for those who are interested, but hopefully on YouTube they’l reach people who didn’t see them yet. I guess James could use the help – I know several of you have been involved with the YouTube channel over the past year or so.

  • Joe says:

    KDE also has a great community in the social news site Reddit, you can see it at