Fourteen Reasons to be KDE

In case you’re sleeping under a rock today, KDE is celebrating its 14th birthday. I still see myself as a newbie round these parts, but I can already think of fourteen things I’ve experienced that made me and make me part of KDE.

  1. To be free to try
  2. To be free to fail
  3. To be given the support to succeed
  4. To be welcomed
  5. To be treated as an equal
  6. To learn from the best
  7. To be thanked
  8. To help people beyond KDE, working for the same goals
  9. To use old skills and gain new ones
  10. To meet your neighbours from the other side of the world
  11. To become a pragmatist
  12. To remain an idealist
  13. To get it done
  14. To Join the Game, not only watch it

Or, in short, to be Free. Whether that is a means, an end or an effect, for me it describes everything we do.

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