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Feature Guide for 4.6 Releases

Would you like some publicity for your KDE application, library or feature? Do you want to help promote KDE software? If so read on. Actually read on anyway: there’s cute picture of a pony a bit later as a reward. Background to the Feature Guide Early next year, KDE will release new versions of the […]


Every now and again, my laptop breaks in some interesting kind of way (it’s old, but I’m sort of fond of it as it’s light and has five hours of battery life from each of two batteries and I’m a poor impoverished student). This normally results in me replacing some component and then, if needed, […]

Facebook: One Page to Rule Them All

As I mentioned before we used to have two Facebook pages. Now, thanks to Kenny Duffus (who has been poking this for a while) and Lydia who made the contact that led to the breakthrough, our two pages have come together. So, find your favourite free software community at the KDE Facebook page. There are […]