Facebook: One Page to Rule Them All

As I mentioned before we used to have two Facebook pages. Now, thanks to Kenny Duffus (who has been poking this for a while) and Lydia who made the contact that led to the breakthrough, our two pages have come together.

So, find your favourite free software community at the KDE Facebook page. There are 7120 fans at present, but I’m sure that many more of you use Facebook and like KDE. If you do, please become a fan and invite your friends to help spread the word.

What content should we put on the Facebook page?

The Facebook page currently syndicates the KDE.News feed and we occasionally add other items manually.

There is a possibility to add more content, such as a post every time a new video is posted on KDE’s YouTube channel, so I’d like to know what you think about that and any other suggestions for useful additions.

We need to find the balance overall between making the page useful for keeping you up to date, but not providing so many updates that we get in the way and cause you to unsubscribe or hide us from your news feed.

So, here or on Facebook, please let us know your thoughts.

3 Responses to “Facebook: One Page to Rule Them All”

  • Jason says:

    Without a doubt, add the planetkde.org feed as well. Facebook. Real people. Hence, developer blogs.

  • The planetkde.org feed would be overkill, that would give way too many new messages on the Facebook start page (whatever it is called in English, my Facebook is Dutch). I’m not sure if even the KDE.News feed on Facebook is a good idea, I (and I assume others too) already have the KDE.News feed added in my web browser, so essentially the KDE.News feed on Facebook is merely duplicate information for me which adds noise. I became a fan of KDE on Facebook to show my support for KDE and I’d preferably not read messages which I already read in my feed.

    I think a better strategy would be to provide links to KDE.News and Planet KDE on the Facebook page, but no feeds. It would be better if the Facebook page would be used for something unique – like the manual posts and the YouTube uploads which are mentioned (unlike KDE.News and Planet KDE I don’t keep a close eye on the YouTube profile of KDE) – rather than rehash already easily acessible information.

  • Stu says:

    Ok, here’s my $0.02 (there are several comments on the Facebook page so I’m looking at those too)

    – Planet KDE posts are probably overkill, given the volume there is a real danger KDE starts taking over your news feed
    – KDE.News stories have been included for some time (on the old ‘K Desktop Environment’ page). The volume is low enough that I think it shouldn’t annoy people who already follow the Dot by other means. The old ‘KDE’ page did not have this and was a bit quiet.
    – YouTube is probably worth adding. It’s not very high volume and is something that doesn’t get enough exposure at present
    – Adding more manual posts (for example to a few particularly interesting Planet posts and external news articles on KDE) would be good.