Party like it’s 1999

I wonder what percentage of Planet readers are too young to know what the title refers to?

Two people enjoying a tea party

Be formal... or not (image from OpenClipArt, public domain)

Anyway, KDE will shortly be celebrating a new set of major releases of our software – that’s new versions of Plasma Desktop and Plasma Netbook and new versions of many of our applications (all built, of course, on a shiny new version of the KDE Platform). In case that isn’t enough reason to celebrate, my brother will also be marking his birthday, so you can party for him too (he’s far too old to party for himself).

So, how do you go about organising a release party? Well, if you’ve ever hosted a party you’re overqualified already 🙂 If you’ve ever been to one then you probably know the kind of thing you should be doing. If you have somewhere to host a party and know enough KDE people locally then it’s easy. If not, you might prefer to just meet up in a bar or go for dinner and you can use the KDE Promotion Team wiki pages to help you let people know what you are planning or find out if someone local beat you to it.

There’s already an excellent Dot article with more details and, as mentioned, the dedicated wiki page to help you get organised. So there’s no excuse not to party like it’s 1999, er… 4.6

And we’ll no doubt be looking for stories and pictures to feature on the Dot so this could also be your road to instant KDE stardom 🙂

2 Responses to “Party like it’s 1999”

  • Alejandro Nova says:

    I really thought that you were saying: “Let’s party like when we released KDE 1.1” 😉