Knock Knock. Who’s There? KDE…

Exciting times for KDE contributors and software users around the world. Coming up in the next couple of months, we have not one, but two, regional KDE conferences that you can attend, meet other KDE enthusiasts, learn about our software and community and get more deeply involved. 2011 is the inaugral KDE conference in India, held in Bangalore from 9-11 March. There will be a chance to meet some of our great India team (they actually do what the rest of us mostly just talk about doing…) and enjoy keynote presentations from Runa Bhattacharjee, Adriaan de Groot, Lydia Pintscher – as well as a host of other well known KDE people.

Online registration closes on 25 February (and is cheaper than paying on the day) so if you want to go it’s best to get yourself organised now.

Camp KDE

For KDE fans further west, Camp KDE may be easier to get to. KDE’s North American conference is this year co-located with the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco and will be held from 4-5 April. Attendance is free.

Proposals for presentations at Camp KDE are still being accepted – until 25 February.

Other events

Of course, KDE contributors in Europe still have KDE’s largest annual conference, Akademy, to look forward to. This year it will be co-located with GUADEC as part of the Desktop Summit in Berlin from 6-12 August.

Last year also saw the first official KDE meeting in Brazil, Akademy-BR and the latest in the successful meetings organised by KDE Spain – Akademy-es.

There are a few places left that could be ripe for public KDE meetings, but with many sprints and invitational controbutor meetings each year, plus KDE attendance at other conferences, world domination surely beckons 🙂 Come and join us.

UPDATE: no sooner do I post this than I see the Akademy-es 2011 call for host locations (in Spanish) has been published.

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