Promo Sprint Wrap-Up

The KDE Promotion Team Sprint ended yesterday, in a pub in Southampton.

Over three days, we tackled such issues as improving the Join the Game website, had a discussion with some of the GNOME guys about promotion at and before the Desktop Summit, reviewed the KDE website itself and worked on cleaning up the Promotion Team wiki to make it more useful for new and existing contributors and started work on a glossary of KDE terms. As usual, the sprint is not just about completing things, but getting people together to agree future directions and many of these projects are ongoing.

The sprint also gave us the opportunity to all meet in person, making it the first KDE sprint for Damien Tardy-Panis and Lukas Dzikaras. It was also the first time we had managed to get Leinir and Agustín and Pau at a promotion team sprint and we called upon their experience from other teams in KDE many times. Above all, we got to know one another better, which always helps future collaboration. Of course, there were many other promotion team members who could not attend, but we had discussions on IRC and managed to get all the Dot editors together to discuss the state of the Dot. You will see few changes there in due course.

Overall, it was a busy, but invigorating weekend. It was great to have such an event in the UK and show a few of my KDE friends a bit of Southampton. We are also very grateful to Southampton’s School of Electronics and Computer Science for not only hosting the sprint but also giving us some very nice lunches each day – with particular thanks to Joyce Lewis of ECS for making all the arrangements. It was great to chat with a few people from the department about our software and our community. An extended fire alarm on Sunday that saw us eventually decamp to a local pub only served to give us a pleasant break sitting outside in the sunshine (it is always sunny in Southampton, whatever the other attendees may tell you).

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