Some News from the ALERT Project

Screenshot of the first newsletter from the ALERT Project

ALERT Newsletter

The ALERT Project, as already explained, aims to improve bug tracking and resolution in free software communities. KDE is participating as a project partner by providing expertise on how free software communities work and by providing testing and feedback for the ALERT software.

Newsletter highlights include accounts of free software conferences visited by the team and a summary of the results from a survey carried out that looked at the practices of bug tracking and resolution in free software communities.

The project team has recently released its first newsletter which provides details of work done so far and ways to follow the project.

The project has also released a leaftlet that provides general background information.

6 Responses to “Some News from the ALERT Project”

  • Gunni says:

    Why do i say this? I never added my email to a newsletter of them and got a newsletter from them.

    I dont want newsletters that i did not enter.

  • Gunni says:

    Was a bit fast on last comment and thought website is title. Title should have been:

    The alert project is a spammer.

    • just says:

      “I dont want newsletters that i did not enter.”

      true, its just spam!

      • Stu says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard this from a few other people over the past 24 hours. My guess is that they signed people up when you took their survey (hopefully there was somewhere the option to not be signed up, but I’m notn sure). Either way, it sucks a bit 🙁

        I’ll contact some people in the ALERT Project to let them know about the problem.

        • Gunni says:

          Would be interesting to know where they got my email from, and how much more they got from there.

  • name is not required says:

    Just wanted to note that the newsletter seems to have a few minor errors. As an example, the EC funding either is symbolic or a “M” is missing like in the total costs. There are other errors like “even-driven” or missing comas. I’m not a native english speaker, by the way, so I suppose the “ALERT Project”, being a multi-million € projecto, should consider having the newsletter checked before publishing.