Discounted Desktop Summit Accommodation is Closing

Just in case you intend to go to the Desktop Summit and have not yet made arrangements, please note that the special accommodation deals arranged by the Desktop Summit team begin to expire from tomorrow – so if you delay your booking you may end up having to pay more.

If you’d like to come, you should also register.

If you have not yet decided, here are a few key points of the Desktop Summit:

  • It is set to be the biggest Free Software desktop meeting ever
  • You get to learn about the latest (and future) innovations first hand – such as what the rise of mobile computing means for Free Software and the Free Software desktop
  • Get involved as some of the largest communities in Free Software strengthen their efforts to collaborate on common goals
  • Get the distros’ views on copyright assignment and upstream contributions
  • And a whole lot more…

What are you waiting for? 😉

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