KDE WebWorld Day One

Ok, we seem to have reached some consensus – today (Thursday) is day one. And what a day…


Part of the team has been working hard on Userbase, fixing issues, changing editing guidance, exploring anonymous editing, improving translation tools and tweaking the look and feel.

The Main KDE Website

The rest of us worked on the kde.org website, considering how the ideal layout should look, what links are really necessary and how they should best be arranged. We also considered the best backend means for supporting the website and making it easier for contributors to keep pages relevant to their areas up to date, while also not wasting time re-inventing the wheel for each of our websites.

We also spent an enjoyable 30 minutes or so critiquing the websites of other free and proprietary software organisations.

Other Websites

KDE has an obscene number of *.kde.org subdomains, many of which contain outdated content or content that is duplicated – or easier found – elsewhere. We worked on criteria for when subdomains should be granted and started collecting more statistics to see how people are using our websites.

A snazzy logo

After much harassment, Eugene has proved once again that he is not only an excellent at organising a barbecue, but also a talented artist. Unveil… drumroll.. the WebWorld Sprint Logo:

KDE WebWorld Logo

KDE WebWorld Logo


And it’s still sunny and warm here in Essen. In contrast to Randa where it all seems to have gone a bit quiet. Has the weather in Randa left our intrepid KDE contributors cold and sluggish?

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