KDE WebWorld Day Three

Well, here we are towards the end of day three and therefore towards the end of the WebWorld Sprint. We’ve achieved quite a lot.

KDE WebWorld Logo

WebWorld continues, but not for much longer...


The UserBase team has been doing great stuff, fixing issues, working with Eugene on a new logo (that should make it more obvious that UserBase is a user-editable wiki). They’ve also been working on improving the translation infrastructure and little issues like making it easier to insert oxygen icons into content. The visbility of help information has also been improved, hopefully encouraging users to take their first steps as contributors by adding their knowledge to the wiki or by translating existing content.

Will you start contributing at UserBase today? If not, what can the team do to change your mind?


As Tom already blogged we have been comparing some CMS options for the KDE website – Tom has been researching those and looking at the impact using each different backend.

Eugene and Ingo have meanwhile done some work on the design aspects, in particular the menu navigation, leading on from intial work reviewing the main site navigation that was done at the Promo Sprint.

I’ve been playing a bit with the test WordPress install and also doing some interviews with the sprint attendees. Those will appear on Behind KDE at some point.

Group Discussion and Socialising

We’ve also been able to get everyone together to discuss the issues and get fresh viewpoints on the things we are looking at. It’s all too easy when you have worked intensively on something for a couple of days to begin to miss obvious issues that are clear to someone taking a fresh look. It’s also a chance for everyone to chat some more and get to know each other even better – although several of us stayed up into the early morning yesterday, enjoying a beer or two and chatting about KDE, free software in general and comparing cultures.

The sun is still shining, so we’re enjoying one last barbecue this evening before people have to start heading off tomorrow. It will be a shame to leave.

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