Some KDE Love

KDE contributors get battered now and again, whether it’s abuse in bug reports, on Dot articles or on the wider interwebs.

Many of you may not keep such an eye on the Dot comments as us editors do, so I thought I’d share with you a comment from the latest Commit Digest article that made me smile:

Simply, KDE is great.

3 months I’ve been using openSUSE and KDE … And I must say I’m excited, proud and completely satisfied with KDE.

I can not believe that being an environment as configurable, customizable, useful, without distraction, powerful and stable, not as major distros default…

Hopefully KDE never change. You are at least 10 years ahead to be so, that I can tinker all you want and that will not change.

I know things still had not seen before and each time I find myself more…

Thanks for providing all this, the KDE team. A greeting.

Keep on doing awesome. People care and they appreciate it, even if they do not always take the time to say it as 1antares1 did.

7 Responses to “Some KDE Love”

  • strife says:

    then I’ll take the time to thank all of KDE and especially everyone working on Plasma, Kwin (and Martins blogs are always interesting) – who alone are responsible for me never being able to go back to Windows – Kmail, Phonon and everyone who has ever worked on kparts and Konqueror (the first linux ‘killer app’ I encountered)

    /KDE user since 2003

  • JanKusanagi says:

    We users should thank the creators of all this great software more often 🙂

    I’ve been enjoying it for ~8 years, and love it.
    Thanks, KDE!

  • Dyrver Eriksson says:

    I agree. Been using KDE since 3.5.10, now at 4.7.3 excitedly waiting for the new version in testing for Arch Linux. Keep making the future. With collaboration we can all succeed! 😀 Amarok, Calligra, Phonon, Kdevelop4, Dolphin makes KDE shine. It’s like hand in glove, fits extremely well! Easy to customize, and when stuff do break it’s so easy to report a bug! 🙂

  • noah says:

    KDE is great!
    I almost switched to gnome after the 4.0 disaster (this release was simply too early) but came back more than happily with KDE4.5 and totally surprised about speed, resources and stability. A great Desktop! Thank you to everyone, who contributed!

  • John Montgomery says:

    I’d also like to add my thanks to all of those in the KDE development community. I’m a recent switcher from GNOME as I just couldn’t seem to adjust to 3.0, and I can honestly say that I couldn’t be happier, and the daily discoveries I’m making in my new environment are half the fun. I’m now wondering why it took me so long to give KDE a serious look because I am now irrevocably smitten.

  • Petr Svoboda says:

    My post from 5 days ago is not here? 🙁 I just wanted to express sincere THANK YOU to you, Stuart, for THIS blog post. Because it is important to focus on the good things! And you are doing that by makign blog post like this. It is cheerfull for everybody! Thanks all
    Free software, free society.

    • Stu says:

      Sorry Petr – I just had a look and Akismet had marked it as spam (no idea why, it’s generally pretty good and unfortunately necessary…)

      Thanks to you and all the others for your kind comments. It doesn’t take much to say thanks once in a while but it’s always appreciated. I know I don’t do it enough 🙂