Calling All App Developers and Users

The final set of 4.7 releases of KDE software will be landing soon. And we in the promo team would like to be able to tell you (and the media) all about it on release day, but we need your help.

We’re collating information in an etherpad at – you don’t even need an account to help us.


If you develop an app, drop by and tell us (even in bullet points) what is new and cool in your app in 4.7. If you have some screenshots, please add links to them in the doc. Afterall, you know what has changed in your app since 4.6. We, the promo team, might not.


Do you follow an app team? Tried the RCs? Know about some cool new stuff that is coming? Well you can help too, just note the features in the pad. you can also look through old copies of the Commit Digest since the 4.6 releases to pick out features from the summaries that have made it into the 4.7 releases.

Plasma Workspaces and KDE Frameworks too

The above also applies of course to the KDE workspaces and the KDE Frameworks, in fact to anything that is part of our general release.

Be a hero, step up and help us tell the world what KDE has been up to in the last six months.

4 Responses to “Calling All App Developers and Users”

  • Bugsbane says:

    I’m presuming this doesn’t include apps from the Calligra suite, given their different release cycle?

    • Stu says:

      Yeah, only the stuff thats in one of the core modules (cough “software compilation” cough).
      We will however need a good announcement for the first stable release from Calligra and it’s never to early to start. You guys are normally really good at getting that together, but if you need an etherpad to help you work on it just let me know.

  • Hello,

    I am a plasma developer and currently i am helping in the development of plasmate. (
    Note that plasmate is in playground(alpha release).

    Despite the fact that plasmate is still in development last 2 months we have made a lot of progress in plasmate,bug fixing,ui changes,coding style,replacement of Qt libs with the K libs.
    Due to the fact that plasmate doesn’t follow the SC,even now patches are being prepared.Actually right now i am trying to add KIO::del() in plasmate.

    The goal of plasmate is to become the central part of plasma’s SDK.

    Does a project like plasmate can help the promo team?

    • Stu says:


      So if it’s not being released with the SC then it doesn’t come into this particular announcement.

      However, it’s a very cool project so when it reaches a stable-ish state and is ready for general consumption it would be great to have a Dot article. Or perhaps you would be interested in doing an interview about the plans and direction and how Plasmate will make it easy to develop plasmoids? If so we can see if someone on promo has time to put some questions together (it may have to wait until after 4.7 is released). If you’re interested, let us know on kde-promo.