What’s going on in ALERT?

ALERT Project logoThe ALERT Project is a partly EU funded technology project that aims to improve the ways in whch free software communities track bugs in software, identify trends and issues and find the right person to fix a problem. KDE e.V. is a project partner and will be an end user, providing feedback and advice on the software system during development. To assist with this, Dario Freddi and I are contracted to the project as KDE experts.

It has been a little while since I mentioned ALERT here, although I chatted to some of you about the project at the recent Desktop Summit in Berlin. If you’re wondering what we and the other partners have been up to, take a look at the latest ALERT newsletter. This has news about the software for extracting information from structured (e.g Bugzilla) and unstructured (mailing lists, KDE forum) data sources, software for profiling developers, the potential impact on KDE, news of ALERT’s latest award and a look ahead to the testing phase.

Well worth a read – and of course you can always approach Dario and myself with any questions.

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