My Heroes of KDE, 2011

I was looking back on this year and thinking about what the real successes have been. There have been many great things, new technology and work behind the scenes to make it all happen.

But perhaps the greatest thing has been the return of the Commit Digest, so I’ll name the Commit Digest team my personal heroes of KDE for 2011. Every week, they let us know what’s going on in this great community of ours. It’s a hell of a lot of work and they deserve a lot of credit.

To be more specific, I glanced back through the Commit Digests and mailing list to see who has been active. I’ve probably missed someone and can only apologise for that, but here are some definite contributors over the past year:

  • Alexander van Loon
  • Anselmo Melo
  • Beat Wolf
  • Danny Allen
  • Dominik Tritscher
  • Frederik Schwarzer
  • Gaël Beaudoin
  • Mutlu Inek
  • Jaka Kranjc
  • Marcin Dominiak
  • Marco Krohn
  • Marta Rybczynska
  • Paulo Dias
  • Roger Pixley
  • Shafqat Bhuiyan
  • Test Zy
  • Thibaut Gridel
  • Tom Vollerthun
  • Vladislav Blanton

Thanks to all of you.

Among those, I know Alexander, Danny, Marco, Marta, Roger and Vladislav have been particularly active, also taking care of organising things, writing the Dot summaries and generally making sure it all happens.

I also know that a lot of work goes into every digest and there is always space for more people. So if you want to help, haven’t contributed for a while or can help in other ways please do.

Who are your heroes of KDE?

6 Responses to “My Heroes of KDE, 2011”

  • Ernesto Manríquez says:

    Sebastian Trueg. The bugfixing in Nepomuk has been simply awesome.

  • Z says:

    Lamarque Souza, his work and dedication to KDE NetworkManager has made it so much better.
    Sebastian Trueg, for the bugfixing in Nepomuk.
    Martin Gräßlin, for his great work on KWin to make it more performant.

  • Emil Sedgh says:

    Dawit Alemayehu for fixing KDE’s proxy system.
    All KDEPIM Developers for awesome KMAIL.
    Martin Gräßlin for making KWin rock.
    Lamarque Souza for making Plasma-NM just-work.
    Sebastian Trueg for fixing Nepomuk.

  • m says:

    Martin Gräßlin and all of Kwin team

  • smls says:

    Ivan Čukić (a.k.a. Mr. Lancelot :-D), for caring about KDE users and their needs/opinions/irritations/complaints (even if objectively unfounded), and discussing and explaining stuff with super-human patience and goodwill.

    Albert Astals Cid, for his extensive and persistent work on Okular and its PDF backend, Poppler. It’s the kind of work that doesn’t get too much publicity most of the time, but makes a big difference, because it ensures the quality and continual improvement of one of KDE’s most used (and loved) flagship products.

    Nuno Pinheiro. I think no explanation is needed… 🙂

    Martin Gräßlin, for his commendable initiative of being very public and verbose about changes that are happening in “his” part of the KDE codebase (so that users can understand what’s going on and the reasons behind it), and even experimenting with “officially” involving user feedback into the decision-making process where it makes sense.

    Lydia Pintscher, for all the amazing organizational and community work regarding GSoC, Season of KDE, Code-In, IRC tutorials, and much more.

    Jos Poortvliet, for countering conflicts and fears within the KDE community with reflective, cool-headed and mediating blog posts.

    Of course there are many more, but those are the ones that come to my mind right away…

  • Toverna says:

    My _antihero_ it that guy who removed back button on Kicker =(