What’s New in KDE’s 4.8 Releases?

KDE will shortly be releasing versions 4.8 of its workspaces, applications and development platform. So, what’s new? Your KDE team would love to know… Every release, we write the release notes and the Dot articles that tell everyone – you, the press – what we’ve been up to over the past six months. but we don’t have a sixth sense and neither do we have the time to watch everyone in KDE. So, please help us:

  • If you’re a KDE developer, let us know what’s new
  • If you’re a use of KDE software, let us know what’s new
  • If you’re using a 4.8 pre-release, get us some screenshots of cool new features

Simple huh? But how can you do it?

Well, we welcome direct edits at our release note drafting Etherpad. You can type in notes or full text and you don’t even need a KDE account – just go to promo.notes.kde.org/58

If you’re a developer, you should make sure that the 4.8 feature plan is up to date for your code.

If you’re really lazy, just leave a comment here with a link to more info 🙂

If you can make screenshots, please use the default wallpaper, styles and fonts. If you can store your screenshot online somewhere, just put a link to it in the Etherpad. If not, you can simply send them to me (find my contact details on the About page.

Help spread the word about our 4.8 releases and be a part of KDE.

2 Responses to “What’s New in KDE’s 4.8 Releases?”

  • Baltolkien says:

    It would be nice that everybody use a tag in his tweets. Something like #KDE4.8. Don’t?

  • Lameñame says:

    Seems that we will have to wait to get hands on to know exactly whats new…. :s