A nice demo from ALERT

ALERT is an EU funded project to provide tools to improve bug tracking (and general community monitoring) in free software communities. KDE is involved as a partner and Dario and myself are subcontracted to the project to provide input on the requirements of large free software organisations such as KDE.

The project is now well into its second year and the software is starting to come together. A few demo videos of components in various states of readiness have been uploaded to the project website, but I particularly wanted to share a nice one about finding bug duplicates. We all know that duplicate reports can be a big problem and one of the promises of ALERT is to make it easier to find the duplicates, tidy up our bugzilla and help developers get on with the more important stuff: fixing bugs and writing new features.

f you have Flash enabled, you should see the video above (unfortunately there isn’t a free format version at present). UPDATE: Theora versions are appearing on the ALERT website now. You might need to click through to my blog if you’re reading on the planet. It’s best viewed full screen to see what’s going on. The duplicate matching code is being worked on, but has shown some promising results so far.

There’s plenty more to do – our next meeting of ALERT is in early July where we’ll be spending some time making sure that the software meets the end user (free software community) needs. I’ll report back on the progress after that.

4 Responses to “A nice demo from ALERT”

  • Kevin Kofler says:

    > unfortunately there isn’t a free format version at present

    It just takes a ffmpeg2theora run on the MP4 download at the ALERT Project website (or the one on Vimeo, where downloading is also enabled for this video, but that one has rather poor quality).

    Can I upload the OGV I produced?

    • Stu says:

      Hey – yeah, I was lazy and didn’t get around to it, thanks for doing so.

      I’ll nudge the ALERT team to check first if they have any objection (unlikely) and second whether we can include the transcoded version on the main website.

      • Stu says:

        No problem to put yours online, but we’re working to get all of them transcoded and on the ALERT website

        • Stu says:

          All transcoded and uploaded. They should be available on the ALERT website shortly