ALERT UI Demo (Part 1: Overview)

In the last post, I promised that the ALERT software was almost ready to play with. Well, following on from the demos that we saw at the last ALERT meeting, one of the ALERT partners, The Jo┼żef Stefan Institute in Slovenia, has set up a live demo of the ALERT user interface, populated with KDE data.

I took the opportunity to record a quick overview of the UI (just under 10 minutes long) that briefly explores some of the main features. You might not see it on Planet KDE, but click through to the original post for the embedded video. The audio isn’t great – just a webcam, sorry – and you’ll notice that it is unscripted. I also at one point suggest there’s a non-working feature but in fact this was opening another window that I didn’t notice at the time.

In the video, you’ll see how we can gather data from many sources (bug tracker, wiki, mailing lists, forum) and get recommendations for related issues and developers. There’s much more on offer, with advanced keyword searching – by person, code and much more, but I’ll come to those in future videos where I’ll concentrate on a particular aspect of the user interface.

ALERT UI Demo (Part 1: Overview) by stujarvis

The original is in Ogg/Theora and I’ve requested that it should get uploaded on the ALERT website in the coming days (I’ll provide an update when that happens). In the meantime, does anyone know a video hosting service that enables everyone to download the original (i.e. free format) file? We used to use quite a lot in KDE promo for that feature, but they no longer seem to accept ad-hoc videos.

You can have a play with the demo yourself (keep in mind this is not the finished UI yet and not all functionality is present). And there is a more professional video already on the ALERT website.

As always, you can track progress on the ALERT website, by signing up to the newsletter or via Twitter @alertfp7.

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