Hi there. I’m a scientist, although I also do a bit of writing and – just for fun – painting and photography. I am also a very small gear in the mighty community of free software enthusiasts known as KDE.

That “troll’s eye view” nonsense used to refer to the fact that, like a troll, I made my home under a bridge (don’t worry, it was in a house under the bridge, things were not that grim). Now I live high up in a great tower (or apartment block), but I still occasionally jump out from under bridges to scare my neice and nephew and so the name has stuck. I’m not a troll as in Trolltech and hopefully not a troll in the internet “trolling” sense.

This is my personal blog, but KDE is the main focus and the point of it is to get stuff on to Planet KDE to help spread the word about things that the KDE promotion team people are up to. I’ll try and keep it on topic as much as possible, but there have been and will be forays into the world of Free Software in general, the web and science.

Should you need to contact me personally, you can use stua@gmail.com (you first have to solve a CAPTCHA).

All opinions I express on this site are my own only and should not be taken to represent the views of KDE e.V., my employer, my housemates, family, my web host, your dog or next door’s ninja kitty. They might not even be my views this time tomorrow.