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We are KDE

So, the announcement on repositioning the KDE brand has been out for a few days now… I must say that I’ve been very encouraged by the response – on the Dot at least. Lots of questions (most of which I think we’ve been able to answer quite well as the majority of them are things […]

KDE Edu Survey

It’s been lost a bit in a flurry of activity on the Dot, but our KDE Edu team has set up a short survey to gather your feedback on their applications and get a better idea of who their users are and what they want. So, if you use Marble, KStars, KHangman or any of […]

Why the rebranding?

So now the Dot article is out with my name on it (that’s just an accident really as I was the guy who first imported our draft text in to the Dot) It is supposed to provide a concise, readable, but far from comprehensive summary of the “Repositioning the KDE brand” document that Cornelius put […]

Photo fun in Amarok

One of the many cool things about Amarok 2 is the integration of video and pictures that match up with the song/artist you are currently listening too. It’s a great way to stumble across cool music videos, but it’s the photo stuff that has been amusing me a bit. If you listen to Doves as […]

Promo Sprint Sunday

I’ve completely lost track of how many days we’ve been here now – and Stockholm syndrome is kicking in with our slave-driving captor 😉 But I’m pretty sure yesterday was Sunday so that will do for a title for what I want to talk about. In the morning we split off for a few little […]