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Odds and ends

It’s been one of those busy weeks that come up from time to time, both on the work front and a few personal things to deal with (both have been hard work, but good as possible results all round). The net result is that I’ve felt like I haven’t really had the time for KDE […]

Status and missing posts

Well, I think I’ve rescued as much of my content as possible from the old site. Everything that was in the database CMS is gone forever so there is a big gap between 2006 (the last articles using plain text files) and September 2009 (switch to WordPress). This means there will be a whole load […]

Moving to WordPress

Well, this site has been dead for a long time. Simon said some time ago that if I fancied taking it over that would be cool, but having glanced in to the internals of the ‘blogging’ software I didn’t much fancy making posts that required a round trip through phpMyAdmin every time. So, finally, I’ve […]