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ALERT Project 3rd newsletter available

The ALERT Project, an EU funded collaborative project in which KDE is taking part as a partner has released its latest newsletter. Take a look to check up on all the latest project news. If you’re wondering what ALERT is all about and how KDE is involved, check my previous posts on this topic.

Plasma Active Feature in Linux Journal

A while ago (in fact at the back end of 2011) I put together an article on Plasma Active for Linux Journal. That article is now published in their March issue. It misses some of the recent news such as the Spark tablet, as that wasn’t announced by then, but gives an overview of Plasma […]

What’s New in KDE’s 4.8 Releases?

KDE will shortly be releasing versions 4.8 of its workspaces, applications and development platform. So, what’s new? Your KDE team would love to know… Every release, we write the release notes and the Dot articles that tell everyone – you, the press – what we’ve been up to over the past six months. but we […]

My Heroes of KDE, 2011

I was looking back on this year and thinking about what the real successes have been. There have been many great things, new technology and work behind the scenes to make it all happen. But perhaps the greatest thing has been the return of the Commit Digest, so I’ll name the Commit Digest team my […]

SOFI Newsletter Available

At the danger of turning this into a dedicated ALERT blog, there’s some more news from the EU funded research project in which KDE is a participant. ALERT is featured (page 14) in the SOFI newsletter, but there is also a lot of news on other software related projects that are ongoing. If you’re interested […]