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This Google+ Thing

I seem to be spending most of my time joining social networks nowadays, first Diaspora, now Google+. I’m a little underwhelmed with both. As I explained in my blog post on Diaspora, I like some of its concepts. But I’ve used it very little since joining. Part of that is due to the network effect […]

Discounted Desktop Summit Accommodation is Closing

Just in case you intend to go to the Desktop Summit and have not yet made arrangements, please note that the special accommodation deals arranged by the Desktop Summit team begin to expire from tomorrow – so if you delay your booking you may end up having to pay more. If you’d like to come, […]

Some KDE Love

KDE contributors get battered now and again, whether it’s abuse in bug reports, on Dot articles or on the wider interwebs. Many of you may not keep such an eye on the Dot comments as us editors do, so I thought I’d share with you a comment from the latest Commit Digest article that made […]

Want Somewhere to Sleep at the Desktop Summit?

I’m very pleased to say that: If you would like to come too then you need to do a couple of things: Register on the website Find yourself somewhere to stay Cheap accommodation offers expire from 24 June The Desktop Summit team has kindly negotiated reduced rates for you at a number of local hotels. […]

KDE WebWorld Photoblog

Well, I’m back home now from the WebWorld sprint (which took a while due to storms between Germany and England delaying flights). There will be a full report shortly in a Dot story, but in the meantime here are a few pictures: