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Photo fun in Amarok

One of the many cool things about Amarok 2 is the integration of video and pictures that match up with the song/artist you are currently listening too. It’s a great way to stumble across cool music videos, but it’s the photo stuff that has been amusing me a bit. If you listen to Doves as […]

Lacking faith

I really need to start believing the the power of free communities. I remember hearing about Wikipedia shortly after it started (the English version was at the few thousand articles mark) and thinking that it was a nice idea but would never really take off and compete with traditional encyclopaedias. Yeah, so I was wrong […]

SVG is coming

It occurred to me, on obtaining the new version 1.5 Firefox that with 1.5 came partial SVG (scalable vector graphics) support. This open standard, overseen by the World Wide Web Consortium allows vector graphics to be defined on the web, but much more than this, it allows animation and interaction that has led to comparisons […]

Virgin has Vorbis

I was looking for something completely different (a car CD player with Ogg Vorbis support – no luck, unfortunately) when I saw a link to the Virgin Radio website, to a page in which they announced they were going to start an Ogg stream in 2003. Ogg Vorbis is a free (in both the beer […]

Conditional Comments

I was happily recoding the CSS for the redesign of this site when I ran into some additional problems with Internet Explorer’s buggy CSS support that hadn’t been a problem before. Specifically, my new method for allowing users to differentiate between types of link (internal, external and so on) uses a background image in combination […]