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Who We Are

"All about KDE"

(goes to the same place as What is KDE?)

About KDE

"All about KDE"

(current http://www.kde.org/community/whatiskde/ with maybe slight re-write)


Community News

"The latest from the KDE community, including official news and blogs"

(New page with aggregated feeds from the Dot, Planet and maybe KDE Apps and the Forum, Identi.ca, Twitter etc - should have at least links to all of these)


"A who's who of KDE contributor teams"

(New page that tries to list all the big teams in KDE, with links to pages on community wiki)

KDE e.V. Foundation

"The legal body that supports KDE"

(Direct link to ev.kde.org or a new page?)


KDE Worldwide

"KDE information in your language and contributors in your region"

(http://www.kde.org/support/international.php - may need an update...)



"How it all began and what we have done since 1996"

(http://www.kde.org/community/history/ could be made a bit nicer - include the original announce or parts of it)

Code of Conduct

"How to behave in the KDE community"

(http://www.kde.org/code-of-conduct/ is fine)


"Come and meet KDE"

(http://events.kde.org/upcoming.php but might be better to replace this with a static page listing types of events we have and then links to websites including the above)


Documentation - find under contact and support



Awards page is included in history

Announcements under history?

Project management and dev model belong in wiki or contributor support pages (techbase)

I18n page seems useless - can be summed up as "we support a lot of languages"

'Press' has moved under 'Contact and Support'

KDE Free Qt Foundation (sitemap only?)

Contact and support

"We're here to help"

(New page with brief info and links to some of the below)

Join the Game

"Too busy to contribute? You can still be part of KDE"


Get involved

"Some ways to contribute to KDE"


End user

"Get help using our software"

(new page with description of help files, links to documentation, UserBase and Forum and useful IRC channels)


"Does you company want to work with KDE?"

(new page, should ultimately include link to the new enterprise.kde.org)


"Want to write about KDE? Find Information and Contacts here"

(Combine http://www.kde.org/contact/ and http://www.kde.org/presspage/ in one page)

All contact channels

"Looking for something in particular? Find it here"

(New page that lists at least all public mailing lists and IRC channels. Also preferable forum, twitter and identi.ca channels, Facebook, LinkedIn etc)


Started from thinking about types of website users and what menus/information they need

Join the Game and Get Involved are preferably highlighted in pages and may have their own menu/area

What We Do

"Free Software for Everyone"

(goes to same place as Overview)

Overview of KDE software

"Free Software for Everyone"

(New page, but some content from http://www.kde.org/community/whatiskde/softwarecompilation.php


"Plasma gives you a comfortable place to work or play"

(http://www.kde.org/workspaces/ with links to PD and PN pages)


"Whatever you want to do, we have an app for it"

(http://www.kde.org/applications/ but need to add an intro explaining what it all is and some key features of KDE apps)

Development Platform

"Don't re-invent the wheel, let us do the hard work for you"

(http://www.kde.org/developerplatform/ - this may change depening on events in Randa - either name change or we might have separate platform and frameworks pages)

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